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KS1 - KS4

Orienteering is a combination of physical and mental activity with the aim of navigating to a series of points highlighted on a map.


Within schools orienteering can be linked to National Curriculum in PE, geography, maths, science, language and communication and this type of outdoor learning helps create a growth mindset, is character building and develops resilience.


Developing orienteering in schools is a great option for sports premium funding as it meets the governments requirements for the funding to: 


  • "make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport on offer"


  • "add to the PE and sports activities your school already offers" 


  • "makes improvements now to benefit pupils joining in future years"





We have created our schools packages to make delivering orienteering convenient for the busy teacher. These include markers permanently in place and a bespoke schemes of work with sessions, maps with answers ready to print. The teacher training sessions help to embed this resource and make staff confident to deliver orienteering. Together these resources make the delivery of orienteering in a school environment as convenient as possible for the teacher, reducing planning and preparation time to virtually nothing.



  • School grounds mapped


  • School grounds mapped 

  • 25 permanent markers

  • Scheme of work (20 sessions)


  • School grounds mapped 

  • 25 permanent markers

  • Installation of markers

  • Scheme of work (20 sessions)

  • Teacher training session

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